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Web Solutions

Our Application Development and Web Based Solutions are Value Adding tool to Your Business!

Brusiness ERP

A Complete Business ERP Software that caters to every business needs of SMB & SME.

Project Management

Project Management and ITES solution for Business with process optimization priority


By leveraging on the experience and unique advantages of implementing several IT and ERP projects, APS can help to avoid pitfalls and focus on quality and timely implementation. We have established a team for specific industry requirements. We do ensure response and solutions.

ERP For Your Business

Master business processes with ERP software from Sage. Consolidate day-to-day tasks for a more efficient ERP system. Analyze information and connect vital business processes with ERP software from Sage. A single solution for your managing core business processes including inventory, sales, customer service, finances, and more

Tally on Cloud

Now 100% compatible with Tally GST Release. Official and reliable Tally Cloud platform to be features Tally anywhere, anytime, any OS/device. Available through secured RDP protocol using standard Remote Desktop Client. Can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

APS offers innovative solutions and clear-cut services to make its clients be globally competitive and maximize profitability. We provides unique and innovative Business development solutions, IT infra management, ITSM solutions and services to our clients.  The Services used to help other companies and business have online presence and help them in increasing their business and reaching their customers. APS is a Business support and integrator, Technology Solutions Integrator, And Business Process Management Integrator focusing on high growth markets in the area of Professional Service and solution for different types of industries.

We Provide Specialized ERP Software’s for Business, Cloud Solution, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Data Security, E-education and ERP, Sales and Marketing, Financial Consulting, Recruitment and Training, Network infrastructure and CCTV System.

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